Reasons to Outsource SEO and Online Marketing for General Contractors

Today’s business landscape doesn’t afford companies the luxury to sleep on SEO. Since more and more people are making their purchases online, it makes sense to focus on honing a specific SEO strategy in order to tap into an otherwise huge but untouched market.

The increasing importance of SEO itself, however, can easily make any entrepreneur reluctant to hire a provider of standard general contractor marketing services in NJ and elsewhere. It’s natural to be wary of handing the reins to a critical component of digital marketing to someone from the outside, but such doubt shouldn’t be there in the first place. Here are a few reasons why outsourcing SEO to a firm like Right Coast Marketing, LLC might be the best decision to make.


How Videos Can Promote Businesses

Videos have become powerful internet platforms. They can be the bringer of news, good or bad, and they have become many people’s main source of entertainment and information. For your general contracting business, videos can be effectively used to show potential clients what you can do for them if they hire you for a project. Online marketing methods can help you enhance your videos’ online profile.

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Internet Marketing For New Jersey Contractors

General contractors in New Jersey can attract more clients by launching modern marketing campaigns on the World Wide Web. A static website for a small business isn’t going to optimize conversion rates and lead to a steady flow of real customers. It’s important to upgrade a website by updating some of the code such as HTML, Javascript and Cascading Style Sheets.

Additionally, a modern domain should have dynamic features that actually interact with visitors. A form can be set up to collect contact information from customers who have questions or would like to get quotes on certain services. Such a feature would have to be supported by complex scripts such as PHP and MySQL. General contractors in New Jersey can benefit tremendously by investing in Information Technology solutions for basic websites that promote services to clients statewide.  Continue reading

General Contractor Marketing Services in NJ Help Local Businesses Grow

Online marketing has become an important way for home improvement contractors in New Jersey to reach broader client bases. However, many local business owners have yet to take advantage of online platforms, largely because they lack the technical knowledge on how to go about this. Contractors with little experience on web design and online promotion can benefit from working with a company with experience in general contractor marketing services in NJ.

Sometimes contractors may be so focused on their craft that they overlook the marketing needs of their business. If they don’t take the time to develop and promote their brands, however, most customers will not even have the chance to consider working with them. In the digital age, consumers often base their decisions on information found online.

General Contractor Marketing Services in NJ: Top Social Media Tips

Small businesses and general contractors in New Jersey should not only dabble in social media. They should immerse themselves in it and invest in it along with other helpful general contractor marketing services in NJ. They have to build a competitive social media campaign that will allow them to generate more leads and convert these leads into paying customers.

To achieve such goals, you have to be strategic with social media and not just have fun with it as you may be doing with your personal accounts. It’s not your own preferences that will matter, too, as you have to consider what your target market wants and what they expect from your company when it comes to social media interactions.

Effective Online Marketing for Local Business

The trend in online marketing this year requires businesses to take a good look at the performance of their local buzz. To check if your local SEO strategy is working, you need to conduct a thorough quarterly business review (QBR) using different Webmaster Tools and other online instruments.

The most important element to monitor in local SEO is how you fare in overall traffic numbers. Google Analytics enables you to view daily traffic information and compare performance by quarter. Other than Google, a lot of websites also offer traffic monitoring tools that allow you different perspectives of your traffic flow. Continue reading

Building an SEO Strategy for General Contractors

A general contractor not only has to supervise a construction site, but also his company’s online marketing efforts. Contractors typically rely on local advertising to get word around, and would make use of advertising mediums such as the newspaper. Word-of-mouth is also vital to them, and this is where majority of referrals would come from. Contractors, however, should also put effort toward their online marketing strategy so that people would be able to see and reach them on the web.

Here are some tips for SEO:

  • Display the geographical location of the business. This is so people would know where to find you.

  • Make sure that the email, phone number, cell phone number, and other contact details are up-to-date.

  • Make use of appropriate keywords throughout the site but remember not to overdo it, since search engines would be on to that and may negatively affect the site’s ranking.

  • See if your subcontractors or suppliers would link to your site. This would benefit both of you so this should be no problem.

  • Get into social media. This is key to online marketing; this is where people can engage with you and get updates on the business without having to visit your website only occasionally.

SEO can really help general contractors be known and drive potential customers to them. This is why time and energy must be dedicated to building a strategy and could spell the difference between making it big or being just another contractor.